Autel MOT Pro II® - Multi-Manufacturer Diagnostic Tool

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Highly functional, the MOT Pro II® provides 40+ manufacturer coverage offering diagnostics on the most common modules such as EOBD, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Battery testing/coding, DPF service and regeneration, Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Oil Service Reset, some TPMS, some steering control sensors, climate, audio and more. The tool can be updated via web-based downloads. Supplied with operating instructions and USB cable in storage case. Visit for concise model applications.
  • Model No EU908PRO
  • Brand: Autel
  • Nett Weight: 1.54kg
  • Application(s): Visit for concise model applications
  • EOBD Code Reader Features:
  • Function Description: Function Application:
  • Works with all (Petrol 2001 onwards and Diesel 2004) OBDII / EOBD compliant vehicles: Yes
  • Scans for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) - The cause of the 'Engine and Transmission' Malfunction Indicator Light' (MIL): Yes
  • Scans for pending DTCs: Yes
  • Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 & U10) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3 & U1) DTCs: Yes
  • Turns off MIL light, clears DTCs and resets monitors: Yes
  • Displays DTC definitions on screen: Yes
  • View freeze frame data: Yes
  • Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions): Yes
  • Patented One-Click I/M Readiness button (emissions): Yes
  • Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CID & CVN): Yes:
  • Supports CAN and other current EOBD Protocols: Yes
  • Supports the new extended sensor list (SAE J1979 - 2007): Yes
  • Reads live ECU/PCM data stream: Yes
  • Displays live O2 sensor data: Yes
  • Graphing function for live data: Yes
  • Read, store and playback live sensor data: Yes
  • Performs 'modules present' test: Yes
  • Print out data via PC - Compatibility; Vista, XP, Win7/8/10: Yes
  • Update software via the internet - Compatibility; Vista, XP, Win7/8/10: Yes
  • Built-in EOBD library lookup: Yes
  • Trouble shooter code tips and repair information guide: Yes
  • Trouble shoots engine codes: Yes
  • Trouble shoots transmission codes: Yes:
  • Trouble shoots ABS codes: Yes
  • Trouble shoots airbag (SRS) codes: Yes
  • Trouble shoots climate control codes: Yes
  • Trouble shoots battery codes: Yes
  • Electronic parking brake (EPB): Yes
  • Free updates when available: Yes