Electronic Charger Maintainer/Starter 100/650A 12/24V

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Fully electronic, microprocessor controlled battery starter/charger designed to meet the requirements of modern battery technology. Suitable for EFB & AGM/GEL (stop/start), Lead Acid, Lead Calcium & Silver Calcium batteries found on electric and hybrid vehicles. Features up to ten analysis and charge phases, including trickle/maintenance and suitable for 12V & 24V electrical systems. Instant visual check of battery condition, charge current, voltage and charging rate via LED read-out. Stabilised charging current allows improved charging efficiency and reduced charging times using ECS (Electronic Control Systems) technology. Includes circuitry to provide surge and spike protection during charging and starting, preventing damage to vital systems such as ABS, airbag sensors, ignition and music systems. Features power supply mode, providing support for the battery to prevent it from being drained during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks and software updates.
  • Model No ECS650
  • Brand: Sealey
  • Nett Weight: 28.11kg
  • Output: 12/24V
  • Output Charge Peak(EN): 100A(70A)
  • Output Start Peak(EN)*: 650A(450A)
  • Battery Range: 4-700Ah
  • Input Charge: 2kW - 8.5A
  • Input Start: 12kW - 52A
  • Charging Rates: 3 x Preset + 1 x Variable to Maximum Current
  • Supply: 230V - 32A
  • BSU Supply: 40A - 13.5V
  • Polarity Protection: Fuse (3 x 100A)
  • Fuse: 120/802131 (Pack of 10), 120/122452 (single)
  • Note: *Performance dependent on connection to an adequate, good clean electric supply.