Professional Gas/No-Gas MIG Welder 170A with Euro Torch

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Heavy-duty high output transformer and forced air cooling to maximize duty cycle performance. Supplied with high quality cool running Ergo 15.2 Euro torch, 2m earth cable, 1.4m gas hose, twin gauged gas regulator and 0.6 & 0.8mm contact tips. Set-up in the gas welding mode but can also easily be switched to gasless. Can be used with large, industrial CO2 gas bottles.
  • Model No MIGHTYMIG170
  • Brand: Sealey
  • Nett Weight: 41.5kg
  • Welding Current: 40-170A
  • Wire Capacity: 5kg
  • Duty Cycle: 100% @ 55A, 60% @ 70A, 15% @ 140A
  • Cooling System: Forced Air
  • Gas Type: CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix
  • Torch: 3m Euro Non-Live - Ergo 15.2
  • Supply: 230V-16A*
  • Absorbed Power: 5.4kW
  • Case Size: Large
  • Weight: 41.5kg
  • Gasless Consumables:
  • Flux Cored Wire (4.5kg x Ø0.9mm): TG100/4
  • Note: *To achieve maximum power a 32A supply may be required.