Schumacher® Battery Support Unit & Charger - 12V 100A

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Fully automatic microprocessor controlled unit designed to both charge a battery and provide support for the battery during prolonged electronic diagnostic checks. Up to 100A power supply maintains stable voltage under varying loads during major vehicle ECU reprogramming and diagnostic work. Voltage settings between 13-14.8V for programming. 5m Heavy-duty cable, clamps and Anderson plug. Recovery/Desulfation mode will recover a discharged battery (>2V) to almost 100% of its original capacity. 70A continuous output current or up to 100A maximum for up to three minutes as required. Patent-Pending “thermal runaway” protection and algorithms allow fast and safe charging. Designed for use with regular automotive, lead-acid, calcium, AGM/GEL and start-stop battery types. Dual temperature controlled cooling fans. Once fully charged, battery may be left connected to be automatically conditioned and maintained. Mounting brackets for installation on vehicle lifts. Durable aluminium case.
  • Model No BSCU170
  • Brand: Schumacher
  • Nett Weight: 9.56kg
  • Type: Microprocessor Controlled
  • Supply: 230V
  • Output: 12V
  • Output Charge: 12V - 4A/20A/70A
  • Battery Range: 5 - 1,000Ah
  • Battery Support Mode: > 100A - 3 minutes maximum. 70A continuous (13 - 14.8V selectable)